According to a report on the LA Times website on February 3, Southern California experienced a "life-threatening" severe storm over the weekend, causing widespread flooding and mudslides. Officials urged people to exercise caution on Sunday and Monday, the storm's most dangerous period. At that time, last-mile delivery and customs clearance, transshipment and pick-up will be affected to varying degrees, resulting in an estimated delay of 3-9 days in last-mile package delivery.

This delay area is mainly in the western United States:
Los Angeles County: Officials are keeping a close eye on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Montanez said the Los Angeles County Public Works Department is working to clear storm drains and flood control channels in preparation for the influx of water. It is expected that staged warnings will be issued in areas where the storm passes. This could include issuing potential evacuation notices in Duarte, Azusa, Santa Clarita Valley and other hazardous areas.

To sum up, the above delays involve all products of American Line (express line with electricity, express line for general goods, special line with electricity, sensitive line, special line for general goods, clothing line). The product department is continuing to follow up and provide any updated feedback. We will inform you in time, please be informed.

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